[permaculture] So what do you really think about long term climate change...

Ben Martin Horst ben.martinhorst at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 16:16:05 EDT 2007

I don't have the source handy right now, but I recall reading a paper
(maybe more than one) a couple years back in which the authors found a
correlation between the spread of paddy rice culture a couple thousand
years ago and a slight rise in global temperature. The hypothesis was
that methane released by flooding the fields contributed to a
greenhouse effect, albeit far less than what we're currently
experiencing. One of the more interesting bits of speculation was
that, since we're overdue for an ice age (as projected from long-term
paleoclimatological trends), paddy culture actually helped break the
cycle and kept us in an abnormally long warm period.

I'll keep digging around for the source, which I believe was from a
peer-reviewed journal, though I don't remember which one or how old it


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