[permaculture] Permaculture in viticulture?

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i remember hearing of roses planted at the end of each row of grapes in 
eastern europe. the roses acted as indicators, supposedly whatever attacked 
the grape vines would attack the roses first.


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>There is some evidence that the Chumash Indians near Santa Barbara 
>California, encouraged roses in association with grape vines.  The first 
>Spanish invaders were astounded to see large acreage of grapes and roses. 
>The roses looked like the Rose of Castille that grew in Spain. Somewhere I 
>read an article that roses are grown in Greece with grape vines, but maybe 
>somebody has a better reference on that one.  I seem to remember that there 
>was research that they inhibited White fly.
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>Subject: [permaculture] Permaculture in viticulture?
>Does anyone have any information about permaculture practices in
>viticulture?  I know that many permaculture principles of encouraging
>biodiversity and soil health make sense.  But I'm curious about more
>extensive applications - are there "guild plantings" that  might enhance
>wine grape quality?  Does comfrey have a beneficial effect when planted
>near grape vines, etc.  I'm guessing that Australia might have found a
>wedding between permaculture and viticulture, more likely than in the
>U.S.  With the movement toward more sustainable agricultural practices
>in the wine-growing industry, it would make sense to draw on the
>practices of permaculture.  Even though grape-growing tends to be a
>mono-culture crop, I would imagine that there would be ways to
>compensate for that and create a healthier more bio-diverse system in a
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