[permaculture] More Thoughts on Beekeeping

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Thu Mar 22 00:28:19 EDT 2007

Kevin Topek wrote:
> Lawrence,
> Miss Patty tippling a tall boy would have been a sight to behold! I have

She was a very nice, considerate, practical lady. Friends and I would spend hours on Saturday morning
in their sunroom marvelling at the amazing arrowhead collection and big bowls of trinkets, jackrocks
and piles of antique gimmicks and gadjets and toys to delight us, and play cards, checkers then roam outside
in the incredible ole English cottage garden landscape full of mysteries. They had a big vegetable garden
and canned much of it for the winter. Real urban homesteaders! Miss P slugging a half quart Fosters would have been as 
likely as Mozart adapting an hour of Lawrence Welk to operetta for the Vienna connoisseurs.

> made mead. It is strong and sweet. It is hard to find good mead making yeast
> in this country. In my experience honey makes a better beer. Just make sure
> to use at least 50% malted barley grain or extract. I took my dead hive
> apart for disposal yesterday. While getting stung by a rogue bee I tried to

Sounds delicious; never tried mead.

> kick the supers apart. I dislocated my right big toe. Words to live by:
> "Don't kick the beehive!" My son had his friend kick the beehive when they
> were five and he got stung a lot. We have said "Don't kick the beehive"
> since. Do as I say, not as I do.

Safety first! Do we need to have an OSHA inspector pay you regular visits?

The buzz around my place is that the bees are still around. I still have honeybees on my 6 acres.
Had them last year and they are already out again this year foraging among the wild mustard and turnip greens
flowering and going to seed.  Several years ago when my hives got infested with the moth they must have swarmed
and found a new place to colonize out in the woods surrounding my land.


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Venaura Farm
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