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Paul and Kirsten,

We have about 1.5 acres of useable space, with a goat, alpaca and 3
miniatureish pigs.  My biggest advice is to plan so that you have a shelter
in the middle, then run wire or electric fence out so you have small areas.
Then rotate them on the areas - this will reduce your worm burden, and allow
each area to regenerate.  They eat bark, your favourite fruit trees, and
often leave weeds you think they should eat.

Remember goats need shelter, and you need somewhere to milk them - they hate
getting wet and you will be able to compost the straw and manure for your
vege gardens.

On that amount of land you will need to supplementary feed them especially
as you want to milk the goats and you need to give them food to produce
milk. And as we have had a drought only now with rain coming, feed is very

A milking goat is beautiful, I only have one, and only get 1 litre a day,
but she is due to be mated shortly and fingers crossed for a couple of

Have fun, read heaps, and ask a lot of questions


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Hi - I am looking at the same thing (got the two goats yesterday), and have
spent the evening looking at the Premier Fencing site, because we are
considering movable electric (solar) fencing.  Is moving these goats around
an option for you?  Premier is having sales on some of their goat fencing
right now.

Paul Cereghino <paul.cereghino at comcast.net> wrote:
  I am considering a pair of goats for milk. How much yard space would 
you consider minimum:

1. for psychological health of a pair of goats
2. to avoid desertification (mud pit)
3. to avoid severe compaction

Soil is silt loam and periodically wet in winter (in part why i'd like 
to constrain the winter yard).

Under the current plan I'd have around 0.2 acres (8,700 sq ft./800sq 
m/0.08 ha) not including area for a modest shed that integrates with 
garden compost and chickens and a double fenced perimeter hedge with 
another 2000 sq ft devoted primarily to 'cut and heave' forage. The 
alternative could include leasing land from a neighbor.

Thanks for any advice...

Paul Cereghino
Olympia, WA
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