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Hi Paul,
  If you really want to know what you are producing, get a KITCHEN SCALE and then start a LOG BOOK. You can get a decent kitchen scale for 20 bucks, and a really nice one for not much more. If you are like most home gardeners you will be harvesting throughout the season (as opposed to one big harvest). So make a column for each veggie or whathaveyou, then every time you pick some you weigh and enter: Cucumber 2 lb, Tomato 3lb, etc. 
  At the end of the season for each crop you can total the column to find out what your garden yielded.  If you are using seed potatoes, tubers, etc, you can weigh your seed, then weigh the final harvest to get a percent yielded. I have always just guestimated, but I need to start a log this year as I've started to sell some of what I grow. 
  If you are doing larger quantities you can go by bushels, which equal 8 gallons. As this is a measure of VOLUME as opposed to WEIGHT, you may want to weigh one gallon of whatever you are producing to get a sample, then multiply by 8 to find out how much a bushel of say, apples weighs.
  Happy Harvesting (and Weighing!)
  George Monacelli
lbsaltzman at aol.com wrote:
  I have filled up a basket with one type of produce and weighed the contents of the basket. Then I simply have to count how many times I fill the basket up with let's say cucumbers to come up with a reasonable estimate of the pounds that have been produced for each type of produce. I particularly do that with my fruit trees as weighing every time I harvest would be a hassle. To roughly calculate the value, I multiply the pounds by the average farmer's market price to see how much I have saved in dollars. Not exact, but useful enough for my purposes.

Larry Saltzman 

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Hi all,

As I get excited about the new year, hands in the soil, off for spring 
break and eating some of my jerusalem Artichokes I am wondering about 
measuring how much I produce in a given year. I live in town, in 
southern Illinois and attempt to be more local and less outwardly 
reliant. Last year I seemed to do ok with greens, potatoes, cuc's and 
tomatoes but have no idea how much I actually produced. How do other 
people do this? Should I get a scale of some sort, count my cuc's, 

Any suggestions and methods will be helpful and appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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