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Miss Patty tippling a tall boy would have been a sight to behold! I have
made mead. It is strong and sweet. It is hard to find good mead making yeast
in this country. In my experience honey makes a better beer. Just make sure
to use at least 50% malted barley grain or extract. I took my dead hive
apart for disposal yesterday. While getting stung by a rogue bee I tried to
kick the supers apart. I dislocated my right big toe. Words to live by:
"Don't kick the beehive!" My son had his friend kick the beehive when they
were five and he got stung a lot. We have said "Don't kick the beehive"
since. Do as I say, not as I do.


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> Kevin Topek wrote:
> > After a long lunch discussion with a beekeeping
> > friend yesterday we decided the following. We are going to order new
> > Buckfast, English, bees this spring and stick with them for 2007, no new
> > Italian colonies for this year. I am throwing away my diseased hive in
> > entirety, quite a financial loss, especially since I was using plastic
> > (Pierco) foundations. We are going back to galvanized metal tops over
> > no more Styrofoam, it breaks due to the stickiness of the high propolis
> > content of hot weather hives. We intend to rob more honey, not less this
> > year, probably 3 times. We both want French bees, but are not able to
> > any. Any info on that out there?
> I have inquired in the sanet-mg list & will post any feedback here.
> > I gotta tell you, when we spin honey together,
> > we attract friends, imbibe in libations and have a blast!
> I can imagine Mrs. W, aloft, nodding in approval. Memories of her wild
Saturday soirees;
> finding the usual collection of MD20-20, Nite Train Express, Pink Lady
bottles and dozens of Foster's cans
> strewn throughout the longsuffering Japonica bushes Sunday morn. A & I
were stunted for life at the awesome sight.
> Have you made any mead?
> LL
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