[permaculture] Our sister WIKI is ready to go...

Paul Cereghino paul.cereghino at comcast.net
Sat Jun 30 21:09:24 EDT 2007

Lawrence London has provided the domain...
UNC's IBIBLIO project has provided infinite web storage...
Rich Morris has loaded software...

And now this list has a sister WIKI.


## What is a WIKI ###
A wiki is an interactive website that anyone can edit and add to.  You 
can put up pages of your personal projects, describe your bioregion,list 
local resources, or collaborate to produce articles that summarize 
permaculture design ideas.

## What is special about THIS WIKI? ##
I have been working on a structure so that you can go into the wiki and 
find what you are looking for.  Every page in the wiki can be tagged 
with a category during editing.   A set of core categories organizes all 
the pages and is described on the start page and at 

ZONE (1/2/3/4/5)

These categories organize the wiki into a pattern language of design.  
Not about the biology of chickens... that can be found elsewhere, but an 
analysis of chickens as a design element, needs, outputs, 
characteristics, and how it fits with other elements and patterns.  By 
looking at the category you can see all related articles.

You can create new pages, edit old ones, upload pictures and PDFs to 

It is still rough, but I think it could be a tremendous resource.  I 
have noticed that several individuals on this list have been doing a 
wonderful job of identifying topics of interest and facilitating 
discussion (Dieter's rhizomatous grass thread, no till potatoes, 
rodents).  Information is cheap.  The next step is sifting that 
information into knowledge, what we know, what we don't know, where the 
uncertainties are, capturing it and building it over time.  A listserve 
is great for brainstorming.  A strong permaculture WIKI can be an online 
resource that becomes better over time (not just larger).

Please do check it out.  If nothing else, providing a clearinghouse for 
projects would be a nice start.  If you are interested, but are 
intimidated by the WIKI interface, do speak up... I am learning as I go, 
and am motivated to support people who want to contribute.

~Paul Cereghino

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