[permaculture] Re, Permaculture and Rodents

Patrick McKown identi1956 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 29 02:21:43 EDT 2007

Rodents_rats and mice you need to use a vitamin d based bait. Not much needs to be consumed. Rats
and mice are very tongue oriented, they like licking films. They die from heart failure v_ d
baits. Young or old. Get the pellets for rats. They have locking stations use these too and smear
the insides with peanut butter, that will get them into the stations and into the mood for more. 
When they die it is in the open so you can pick them up. They seek the light near the end. Also
they don't get bait shy as they do on heavy poisons. Read an abstract on how a vitamin d bait did
not work in AU but folks. They more than likely screwed it up. Sometimes these academics are being
financed by a products competitors.
So you have to follow the money if something especially goes against personal experience.

Pat McKown 

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