[permaculture] Design critiques

Linda Shewan linda.shewan at bryn.com.au
Thu Jun 28 22:15:14 EDT 2007

Is there a place for new designers to put up their designs and have
constructive comments on them? 

When I finished my design course (2 years ago) I realised that I then
needed intensive study and practice in each of the topics covered on the
course before I would feel fully confident as a designer - particularly
handling water as this is such a critical part of creating a sustainable
design. I have not had the space to follow through on that additional
education so still feel vastly unskilled even though I have read widely
and try to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

I have created a couple of designs since then but only for myself (and
my kids school) because I still don't feel confident in designing others
landscapes... I really would have benefited/would benefit from having a
place I could submit my plans to in order to get constructive feedback. 

I also understand that those with the ability to provide really good
feedback earn a living from designing and probably don't have the time
or space to provide this for free as much as we all want to get
permaculture 'out there'. So has anyone thought of providing this
service as a pay for feedback operation.... if a group of experienced
designers offered that service from a central point (website I guess)
for a nominal (at least accessible and/or scaleable) fee then the
reviews could be shared between them and not become too onerous for any
one. The benefit would be that we could rapidly increase the ability of
new designers to create really useful designs... and if we felt
confident doing the designs we could really get our message out there
much more effectively. 

It could be scaleable as well from basic feedback comments to in depth
analysis so that everyone could get at least some feedback to help them
move forward in their designs.

Perhaps this is already available somewhere and I am just unaware of
it... does anybody know? 

Thanks, Linda

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