[permaculture] This is nothing of a free-for-all like OGL is

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Thu Jun 28 19:31:06 EDT 2007

J Kolenovsky wrote:

> Organic Gardening Discussion List [mailto:OGL at LSV.UKY.EDU] has a lot of
> bright people on it and it has a bunch of not so bright people also. You
> should see some of the OT (off topic) discussions. If you could call
> some of those that.  But there are good discussions, too. I speed read
> them when home and zip over to this one for change of pace content and
> intellectualism. I delete their emails more than I delete permie.

Thats why I don't bother participating on such lists though I subscribe to OGL.
I had hoped that we could discuss gardening here because it is part of permaculture, a vital part.
Some of make our living gardeniung, farming, landscaping and installing permaculture systems.
You have to know how to feed yourself. I don't think it would be hard to make a good case for
robust gardening discussion here. Those who don't want this should strongly consider posting
messages about things you're interested in and that you think that are more appropriate for this forum.

If you don't know how to garden you're not going to be able to install and maintain a permaculture system on your 
homestead. I make my living market farming and furthermore make my own garden tools and accessories to do it with and 
plan to sell them as well.

Permaculture theory is the primary topic to consider here and many others follow.
Things I feel are more than appropriate:
ornamental and food gardening
landscape contracting
landscape gardening
market gardening and farming
site preparation & maintenance (involving earthmoving)
alternative architecture
solar and passive architectural design and building
renewable energy
of the grid systems
appropriate technology
livestock and pet management

These are topics that will never dominate list traffic but are vital to a comprehensive and sensible
treatment of the theory and practice of permaculture.

Just a thought.
Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Venaura Farm
lfl at intrex.net

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