[permaculture] crabgrass eradication

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great resource for images of species... as an agricultural region we 
have our share of the Eurasian pasture diaspora.

Golden Love wrote:

>Hi Dieter,
>What you described is Bermuda Grass.
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>  I wasn't sure about the correct English denomination. It is Quecken in 
>  German. I think we probably have all three: crabgrass, Bermuda grass
>  and Kikuyu grass. The one that has spread most, which I called 
>  crabgrass (but may be Bermuda grass), has extensive whitish rhizomes
>  underground which will turn brown and woody when old, runners on the 
>  surface, green blades with a bluish taint and, if I have observed 
>  correctly, tiny black seeds. I forgot, the rhizomes have nodes; if one
>  of these nodes stays in the soil, a new bundle of grass will grow
>  from it.
>  Dieter Brand
>  Portugal
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