[permaculture] Where the political discussion goes

Felicity Wright flickwright at ozemail.com.au
Wed Jun 27 18:50:47 EDT 2007

> At our garden meetings we allow each person three agenda items per
> month -  to be fair to the group.
> Many of us have time limits.
> Respectfully,
> Claudia

What a great idea.

If the list participants who really like to ruminate and post extensively on 
politics and philosophy were able to contain themselves to one or two 
'political' or 'big ideas' post per week, it would perhaps encourage them to 
be very (more?) mindful of what they are sharing with us.

It would also give those of us who are not interested and/or exercise a bit 
more restraint in our postings a break (sure, I have lots of opinions on 
lots of topics too, but don't need to share them or proselytise all the 
time).... and I'd be more inclined to read those type of contributions. At 
the moment my delete button gets a good work-out when viewing this list.

With metta

PS: I also loved the suggestion that any specific governmental type 
political posts are acceptable, providing they are not about North America. 
Personally, we get enough about such things in our mainstream media in 
Australia, but hear stuff-all about Portugal, Brazil and some of the other 
places where fellow list members live.

>I agree.  Politics have been clogging this list.


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