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John Fritz johnfritz77 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 27 16:06:21 EDT 2007

    I am not quite getting the visual of how this is deployed.  It sounds like the skewer needs to be bent in order to get it laying parallel to the ground.  Perhaps it is not that important as long as the sachets are not available to other animals, but I would like to get a clearer picture of how you did this.  Any suggestions?
  John Fritz, NW Arkansas.
  The recommended method of laying the bait is to use some 2 litre
milk bottles, cut a small rat-sized hole out on one of the sides near
base and make sure the hole is at least a centimetre from any edges.
bottle gets placed on its side on the ground with the hole on one of
vertical wall sides. Then get a long metal skewer, poke it through the
side of the bottle at the opposite end, as far from the rat hole as
possible, then you need to stick the racumen paste sachets onto the
like a kebab (you need LONG skewers to reach to the little rat hole at
other end to get the sachets on) then straighten the skewer and pierce
through the other side of the bottle and into the ground to peg it
in place. Bandicoots, bilbies and wallabies cant get to the bait in the
bottle and skewering the sachets means the rats cant drag them out for
mammals to find. It was also recommended to check and replace eaten
daily for around 7-10 days.


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