Claudia Joseph permie at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 27 14:46:27 EDT 2007

That's useful. Here in NYC we have recurring rat problems and there  
is no end to that.
In CA some neighbors told me to put juicy fruit gum in the ground  
squirrel holes and it would clog up their digestive tract.
There were too many of them so I just planted more than i needed.  I  
had the room.
Thanks for the tip,

On Jun 27, 2007, at 9:27 AM, paul wheaton wrote:

> 1) cats and dogs
> 2) I read this on a farmer forum:  soak cheap sponges in bacon grease.
>  Cool.  Squeeze the sponges until they are flat.  Tear the sponges up
> a bit.  Put in a rat bait spot (where rats and mice can get it and
> cats and dogs cannot).  They eat the sponges, the sponges expand in
> their stomachs and will not pass.  They die.
> 3) There are solutions for infestations featuring thousands of rats.
> These seem to involve a 55 gallon drum with some water, some suspended
> bait, and a rickety platform over the barrel.
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