[permaculture] Politcal talk-Yay or nay

Loren Davidson listmail at lorendavidson.com
Wed Jun 27 11:17:51 EDT 2007

At 1:02 AM -0500 6/27/07, Tommy Tolson wrote:
>Loren Davidson wrote:
>>  With all due respect, you're projecting.
>Your understanding of projection differs markedly from mine.  I said
>"may" and shared something of my own experience of dealing with my own
>wound.  The rest is your own invention.

I accept that this is valid for you, and while my opinions *do* 
reflect my perception...if people who hear your message aren't 
"getting" it, you're not communicating effectively. And I'm not the 
only person perceiving your words in this way.

Basic Permaculture principle: Use thoughtful and protracted 
observation, rather than thoughtless and protracted labor. I think 
this is as relevant to effective communication as to growing food and 
landscaping for microclimate modification. When you say something, 
see how other people respond. If multiple people respond the same 
way, and if this way isn't at any time the response you were hoping 
for, maybe it's not them that's the problem, and that is something 
you ought to consider before doing the same damn thing again.

Beyond that...continuing to respond to you would perpetuate exactly 
the type of back-and-forth, dyadic, nobody's-convincing-each-other 
argument that political discussions have the tendency to turn into, 
and as I really don't want that...I'm done with this discussion. Have 
a lovely day.

who may be able to harvest the first tomatoes today! :)
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