[permaculture] Political talk, Yay or Nay

Primal Parent primalparent at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 27 02:46:47 EDT 2007

if there is not going to be a separate listserve, then i would like to see 
the subject line reflect the content somehow. i.e. [permaculture-political]

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>Subject: Re: [permaculture] Political talk, Yay or Nay
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>Andrew French wrote:
> > Tommy, I find your comments to be interesting but a bit long-winded. Is 
> > listserv a place to lay out your manifesto? Sure, what the hell. But I 
>Absolutely yes. I have seen lists run by morons who overmanaged and ruined 
>with their idiocy. I have kept control of this list in order to keep it 
>free and open,
>for long winded folks, ultra long winded folks, posters of theses, 
>and one liner folks. And lurkers. I intend to keep it this way and civil as 
>Hit the delete key or write a mail filter for posts you don't want to read.
> > you should consider writing an article or something, because your ideas 
> > valid, but all over the place. This is why I think theoretical 
> > political talk has no place on a listserv that is suppose to be the 
> > one listserv for permaculture. Dig it.
>I understand what you are saying. At this point it seems that it might be 
>really worthwhile to start
>a politica and permaculture list - for the "all over the place" 
>"theoretical" "idealist"
>writings. I would add important news, alerts and updates on situations 
>around the world,
>human rights issues in particular, sustainability and the environment as 
>Maybe this new list's time has come.
>What say ye again: yea or nay? I'm not trying to push a new list just make 
>it available if any of us, enough of us
>really need it.
>I am also working on (RSN) installing an instance of Wordpress on ibiblio 
>for overflow from the list; static file
>display, blog, special interest areas, RSS feed, links, on and on. Real 
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