[permaculture] Politcal talk-Yay or nay

Tommy Tolson healinghawk at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 27 02:02:56 EDT 2007

Loren Davidson wrote:
> With all due respect, you're projecting.
Your understanding of projection differs markedly from mine.  I said 
"may" and shared something of my own experience of dealing with my own 
wound.  The rest is your own invention.

> And my interpretation of your words is that you're assuming that there's something wrong with people who don't share your particular views on politics on this list, something that "needs healing." Personally, I find that perspective to be patronizing. If I bothered to work up some energy over it, I'd be offended too. But I have better ways to invest my emotional energy.
You've made a type-one error here.  Your interpretation is completely 
mistaken.  Then you project what you would do with your mistake, "if I 
bothered to work up some energy over it." I assume nothing about anyone, 
on or off this list.  
> Offended people who feel like they're being talked down to aren't going to be very open to changing how they feel and act. If your purpose in posting political (or any) material is to influence people's opinions and actions, you might keep that in mind.
Do I seem to you like the sort of person who would write intending to 
offend the members of an international listserv?  It seems to me that 
your opinion of me is very low.
> Yours is not the only valid perspective, on our international list. Please don't act as though it is.
Where does this come from?  Do you assume something about me that you're 
not saying out in the open?   I don't claim to have the "only valid 
perspective," and I don't begin to think it is.  I find it hard to 
believe you say this.  This is an example of the sort of errors that 
cascade from a type-one error.
> Also, as a style issue, my eyes glaze over when I see a long post that covers *many* issues, some of them hot buttons, without really being organized or focused. I tune out and hit delete, and it ain't because I "need healing" either.
What do you know about style?  You show that you are lost with 
non-linear prose.  Is linear prose the style required by this list?    

> My perspective on *any* kind of discussion involving conflicting points of view is that if the participants don't understand that everyone's perspective is valid *at least for them*, the discussion is doomed to deteriorate into misunderstanding, resentment, and attempts to exercise "power over."
You have demonstrated your failure to comprehend my point.  You also 
demonstrate the patronizing attitude you accuse me of, only you 
apparently intend to be patronizing.  Patronizing anyone was never my 
intention, it was only your spectacularly mistaken assumption of my 
intention.  Do you know what it means to own your own shadow?

> Give everyone else the same basic respect that you want for yourself.
You preach respect to me after this post?  Nonsense.  Thanks for your 

Tommy Tolson
Austin, TX

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