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lbsaltzman at aol.com wrote:
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I have run into something interesting on politics and the anti-war movement that might be relevent. I have a friend who 
is a Vietnam Veteran and anti-war activist. He was one of the driving forces behind what is called Arlington West in 
Santa Barbara, Calif., the community where I live. Arlington West is where the crosses were set up to comemorate the 
dead soldiers from Iraq, and it has been an effective anti-war tool which has spread to other cities.  Anyway, my friend 
is also a sustainability kind of person and has sold Cheramoyas and other fruit to the local community. It is all 
produce that is grown in his backyard orchard.
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Is this Sal Schettino?

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Conversely, while there are conservatives who don't get sustainability, there are members of the Christian right who 
have developed the concept of creation care and who are strongly beginning to get sustainability.
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That is nice to hear. They also do home schooling and practice homestead preparedness, self-sufficiency and 
independence, grow their own food and put it by.
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