[permaculture] Politcal talk-Yay or nay

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Tue Jun 26 21:06:59 EDT 2007

You echo my thoughts here. Thanks. I might add that growing one's own 
food is a profoundly political activity that places us squarely in 
relationship with the ultimate Teacher AND Healer...nature Herself.

Loren Davidson wrote:
>> My vote is to leave the political discussion on the list where it belongs.
>> I suggest that those who do not want it here may suffer from wounded 
>> volitions.
>> This is a serious, and common, wound that needs compassionate healing.
>> I came back to the US from Vietnam in 1970 with this wound.  I'm 
>> healing.  I'm grateful.
> With all due respect, you're projecting. And my interpretation of your words is that you're assuming that there's something wrong with people who don't share your particular views on politics on this list, something that "needs healing." Personally, I find that perspective to be patronizing. If I bothered to work up some energy over it, I'd be offended too. But I have better ways to invest my emotional energy.
> Offended people who feel like they're being talked down to aren't going to be very open to changing how they feel and act. If your purpose in posting political (or any) material is to influence people's opinions and actions, you might keep that in mind.
> Yours is not the only valid perspective, on our international list. Please don't act as though it is.
> Also, as a style issue, my eyes glaze over when I see a long post that covers *many* issues, some of them hot buttons, without really being organized or focused. I tune out and hit delete, and it ain't because I "need healing" either.
> My perspective on *any* kind of discussion involving conflicting points of view is that if the participants don't understand that everyone's perspective is valid *at least for them*, the discussion is doomed to deteriorate into misunderstanding, resentment, and attempts to exercise "power over."
> Give everyone else the same basic respect that you want for yourself.
> Loren
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