[permaculture] Politcal talk-Yay or nay

Tommy Tolson healinghawk at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 26 18:00:28 EDT 2007

My vote is to leave the political discussion on the list where it belongs.
I suggest that those who do not want it here may suffer from wounded 
This is a serious, and common, wound that needs compassionate healing.
I came back to the US from Vietnam in 1970 with this wound.  I'm 
healing.  I'm grateful.
I speak from my gratitude.  /
Don Quixote/ helps heal me.  Imagine writing from Spain in the depths of 
the Inquisition, eight hundred years of official oppression in the name 
of the Catholic Church for which the Pope refused to apologize.  Imagine 
writing something that, four hundred years later, can still inspire 
"ordinary" people to find their own nobility and to act from their 
nobility.  To fight the unbeatable foe.  To right the unrightable 
wrong.  To bear the unbearable sorrow.  Indeed, to dream the impossible 
Our volitional potential is our very heart and soul and we now need all 
of it we can muster, facing what we face in the struggle to reclaim the 
future from dominion's blindered soldiers in thousand dollar suits.
Let us attend to our wounds then march forth in our lives to combat the 
dark forces of ignorance and death as we meet them, each in our own way, 
yet together, bonded in our love of life.
Let us act like we're all in this together, and together create a just, 
sacred, and sustainable world.
We can't, we don't, we won't do that without politics.
The bottom line is that humans need to make new choices.  Politics is 
how, by those new choices, we create the Ecological Age.
The alternative to the Ecological Age means probable human extinction.
The stakes are higher than they've ever been.
Life must prevail.
Humans must return to pre-industrial lives worth living.
Spawned by the Inquisition which eliminated Europe's shamans and 
matriarchs, who knew better, the Industrial Age was humanity's gravest 
Permaculture corrects the Industrial Age error only if our wounds allow it.
Let us heal, and change our consciousness, and resist the forces of 
darkness, and create alternatives that work in harmony with nature, and 
create sustainable, inclusive community.
Let us avoid honoring fear: False Evidence Appearing Real.
Let us avoid capitalism's illusion of security.  After the last tree is 
gone, can we eat money?
Let us embrace the split-off parts of ourselves.
Let us love nature: ourselves and others.
If our hearts are strong, victory is ours.

Tommy Tolson
Austin, TX

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