[permaculture] ADMIN: Editing quoted material was Re: No-till potatoes - surface cultivation and deepmulching

Loren Davidson listmail at lorendavidson.com
Tue Jun 26 17:27:26 EDT 2007

Please, please, PLEASE!!!!

Do *not* leave the entire digest file in your reply when you post to the list! It makes the *next* digest file even longer, because people then have to scroll through the same damn thing two or three times in order to get to any material they *haven't* seen yet.

On this particular thread, the person who started the topic did the good thing of changing the subject line, but then left the entire digest - none of which was relevant to his post - attached at the end. The person who replied to it left *everything*.

Time and bandwidth are not unlimited resources. Use them as wisely as you use soil and water.

Thanks for listening,


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