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Tue Jun 26 09:06:45 EDT 2007

Hierarchy can only function when you depend upon it.  You take the orders because you face death otherwise.  With only a few groups organizing to be independent from hierarchy, these groups must then face the military threat to survive.  We can overcome this by following patterns in nature.

We must first still work towards depending upon a land base in small groups, not the man with the keys to our food supply and our apartments/boxes/homes.  However, these small groups must have a defined peer-to-peer network.  This network would be achieved by defining relationships and manner of interaction (protocols for interaction, common attributes, coordinated functions, .... consistent network behavior).

Small groups behaving too independently will be the easiest targets.  Groups behaving in unison will require greater levels of complexity to overcome.  When the network can function on a large enough scale, there will be little control from a hierarchy, if any.

The empire documents many instances having difficulty toppling tribalism.  Some tribes have managed to hold on, but could use some sticks and a little blowing to get the fire going again.  Now imagine the hierarchy goes to assert dominion over the fires again and the dominion turns into a turnip.

Keep the embers alive, it's gonna be a long night....


KNat <knat at sprintmail.com> wrote:But, on politics, how can we support newly developing nations developing without debts requiring more gold than they can generate. Economies based on real worth of their land use. If the farms are reduced to less and less area, food should be a better commodity than gold. But we need methodology to do per calorie instead of "market" value.

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