[permaculture] The Climate Near the Ground, was Re: Heap Composting versus Field Composting

dwoodard at becon.org dwoodard at becon.org
Tue Jun 26 03:40:18 EDT 2007

>From my now somewhat dim memory of this excellent book, I don't think it
covers what you have mentioned. It's very good on physics but doesn't get
into chemistry-related stuff.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada


>   Some of the above may to open to debate. In particular,
>   point 3. above probably depends very much on the climatic
>   conditions. Under wet conditions a mulching layer will
>   disintegrate quickly into the soil, while during dry conditions
>   it is far more difficult to know how much of the plant residues
>   return to the soil and how much will volatize into the air.
>   Does anybody have information to clarify this last point?
>   Or know where I might find an answer? There is a book
>   entitled “The Climate near the Ground” by Rudolph Geiger.
>   Does anybody know this book? Or know whether it addresses
>   the kind of thing I’m looking for?
>   Dieter Brand
>   Portugal

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