[permaculture] Shoppers "flock" to farmers' markets

paul charybda at newmex.com
Tue Jun 26 00:55:05 EDT 2007

This study is encouraging and very misleading. The study is about people's preferences and not about their actions. While in the study 30% "preferred" buying direct from farmers or at farmers markets, in my experience of selling my produce at farmers markets, we don't even get close to 10% of the population coming through any of the markets in my region. If you think about a city of 500,000 people, would it even be possible for 150,000 people to get through a farmers market on a Saturday morning? Impossible. That's more people than fit in any football stadium.

The city of Santa Fe, New Mexico USA sees about 5,000 people through a market peak season. The population is 70,000 and the market draws from a larger surrounding area not in that count. 

Paul Cross

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