[permaculture] crabgrass eradication

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Mon Jun 25 23:36:01 EDT 2007

Katey wrote:
> Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
>>Permaculture is an umbrella discipline underwhich falls all of agriculture,
>>appropriate technology, renewable and alternative energy and alternative architecture.
>>That's how I see it, anyway.
> Dear LL,
> In doing some anti-racism work in the '90s i found a more effective way 
> of stating these relationships that different disciplines have with each 
> other as a "foundation" or "boat".  Thus taking the dynamic of 
> power-over/power-above away from the situation.  People get on board 
> with you more equally and genuinely if you are there to watch their back 
> rather than offering a hand.
> Permaculture acts as a foundation for all the disciplines you mention to 
> stand on and find common ground with.
> This is a subtle point, but often subtleties can be profoundly felt.
> ~katey

That's a great concept. Katey. Permaculture more as a safety net, unique knowledgebase and resource
guide than as a top-of-the-pyramid discipline. In a way Permaculture could almost evolve as a science though it is made 
up of a number of disciplines in that it offers synthesis (light goes on) of elements within these discplines.
In fact just considering Permaculture at all, at any time, that synthesis is at work. What you see with your eyes,
visual stimulus activating a response in your mind, is that synthesis at work. Because of what you have learned and what 
new perspective you think permaculture will offer you see your world with new eyes. Its a whole new ball game.
Link this with Tommy Tolson's "It's about balancing human interactions within the natural order" and society as a whole
and communities can embrace permaculture as part of living and make it work for them. A paradigm shift is in order,

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Venaura Farm
lfl at intrex.net

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