[permaculture] crabgrass eradication

Katey newtribe at hughes.net
Mon Jun 25 18:56:54 EDT 2007

Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
> Permaculture is an umbrella discipline underwhich falls all of agriculture,
> appropriate technology, renewable and alternative energy and alternative architecture.
> That's how I see it, anyway.

Dear LL,
In doing some anti-racism work in the '90s i found a more effective way 
of stating these relationships that different disciplines have with each 
other as a "foundation" or "boat".  Thus taking the dynamic of 
power-over/power-above away from the situation.  People get on board 
with you more equally and genuinely if you are there to watch their back 
rather than offering a hand.

Permaculture acts as a foundation for all the disciplines you mention to 
stand on and find common ground with.

This is a subtle point, but often subtleties can be profoundly felt.


Katey Culver
ecoville architechs

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