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FWIW, I did not interpret "...Permaculture ought to..., instead of ..." as stating what has been advocated, but rather recommending that we avoid something (what he feels we should be doing, set apart from what he feels we shouldn't).  I suspect everyone agrees with everyone else, but disagrees on how it ought to be expressed.  How did the Tao Te Ching begin?

Robert Waldrop <bwaldrop at cox.net> wrote: ----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Lawrence F. London, Jr." 
> Could you expand on what you are trying to say 
> here Robert?
> I think it needs clarifying. I don't read into 
> what Tommy wrote
> anything to do with either "more green than 
> thou" or "personally satisfying".

Tommy originally wrote:
>That,in my opinion, is what Permaculture ought to 
>>>doing, instead of
>>>sinking all of our energies into growing food
>>>for ourselves.

My comment was a reflection on what looked to me 
like an inaccurate judgment on the permaculture 
movement.  The permaculture movement does not 
advocate "sinking all of our energies into growing 
food for ourselves".  I have been reading this 
discussion for a while, and I haven't noticed 
anyone advocating that here either.   So I don't 
know where he got this idea.
> As far as what other permaculturists are "doing 
> in the world" and
> "building community" includes a great deal of 
> balancing human
> interactions within the natural order. Do you 
> have a problem with the term "natural order"?


Robert Waldrop, OKC

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