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This course will begin at and is administrated by the Open Center - a  
23 year-old space that supports alternative healing techniques.  Bill  
Mollison taught their first workshop in the 1980's in a garage,  
before they secured their current building.  If anyone has any  
knowledge of that event, please contact me.  Walter, the executive  
director, would like to have the flyer: it is probably sheet mulch in  
some garden, is my guess. There will be many additional guest  
teachers on this one!  Call me if you are a permaculture practitioner  
in the area or if you are an experienced teacher passing through NYC  
on any of the class dates.  (718) 369-1139 - Claudia

Begins July 21, 2007
Certificate in Permaculture Design
Offered in Association with
Tri-State Food Not Lawns
Lead Teacher: Claudia Joseph
Permaculture is a design system to create sustainable, abundant and  
efficient human habitats by integrating insights from ecology,  
organic gardening, indigenous farming practices, architecture,  
agroforestry and economics. It involves attention to factors such as  
wind, water and sun exposure, with extensive use of composting,  
mulching and integrated pest management, reducing the need for  
chemicals and fuel, supporting local farmers while lowering carbon  

Originated in the 1970s, permaculture has been applied successfully  
to temperate, tropical, desert and cold climates. It is a global  
grassroots movement to build a sustainable world culture, based on  
ecological science, cooperation and respect, responding to global  
climate change and bringing individuals—including city dwellers—into  
closer connection with nature.

Urban/Suburban Permaculture: An area of focus in this intensive  
course is application of permaculture principles to urban and  
suburban areas—turning available open space, backyards, patios and  
rooftops into productive gardens requiring little watering and no  
pesticides or fertilizers, while maximizing energy efficiency,  
conserving water and building community by supporting neighborhood  
gardens, local farmers’ markets and food co-ops. Co-housing, green  
building and the use of consensus planning in community projects also  
are addressed.

The curriculum includes examination of:

• history, ethics and principles of permaculture;

• human relationship to climate, energy & food;

• conservation techniques: long-term approaches to soils, water  
systems and waste;

• systems and site analysis: traditional and modern ways to look at  

• housing and community: shelter, household and ownership issues;

• health and wellness: finding balance as individuals;

• rethinking economics in light of real impacts of how we live and  

• and much more.

The course involves site visits to a community gardens and parks to  
see permacultural projects in action, group projects, presentations  
and reviews of work. This is an opportunity to become a certified  
practitioner of this exciting, inspiring approach to authentic “green  

Structure: Themes of permaculture theory and practice, with hands-on  
application, are explored in nine full-day sessions, for a total of  
72 hours, meeting on Saturdays from 9am–7pm.

Saturdays, 9am–7pm:
July 21, August 18, September 8, September 15, September 29,
October 13, October 20, October 27, November 3

July 21 -  Open Center, Manhattan
August 18 -  Open Center, Manhattan
September 8 - 6th St. Community Center and El Jardin del Paraiso,  
September 15 - Open Center, Manhattan
September 29 - The Old Stone House and Garden of Union, Brooklyn
October 13 - Open Center, Manhattan
October 20 - The Old Stone House and MS 51, Brooklyn
October 27 -The Old Stone House, Brooklyn
November 3 - The Old Stone House, Brooklyn

Full Payment: 07S36TAI
Members $1,080 / Nonmembers $1,125

Also available: Payment Plan: 07S36TBI - Please call 212.219.2527  
extension 2 to register for the payment plan.
Members $1,155 / Nonmembers $1,200

Please call for location.

For more information about this certificate program, please call  
Maria Rodriguez, Open Center Manager of Academic and Professional  
Programs, at 212.219.2527 ext. 135.

Claudia Joseph, holder of two permaculture design certificates and a  
diploma of permaculture, formerly with the horticulture department of  
Merritt College in Oakland, CA, is now a NYC-based environmental  
educator and permaculture consultant. Currently the lead designer for  
projects at the Old Stone House and MS 51 Partnership Gardens and  
designing a garden at Inwood Hill Nature Center based on Native  
American healing traditions, Claudia has taught at the Brooklyn  
Botanic Garden, manages her own edible and organic landscaping  
business, and is President of the Garden of Union, a unique communal  
garden in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with links to the Park Slope Food Coop.

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