[permaculture] 2030

Steve Diver steved at ipa.net
Sun Jun 24 17:40:51 EDT 2007

Permaculture has plenty to offer as conceptual
and practical approach to creating systems that
support ecological balance on Earth.

But the organisms called humans are tricky to
work with.  When you figure out how to get this
species to cooperate with each other and move
forward in harmony with a common goal of peoplecare,
earthcare, and setting limits to population 
and consumption, you're 80% towards the goal.  

The other 20% -- the worldwide implementation of 
sustainable communities and ecological technologies 
in harmony with the goals -- can happen quickly

Alas, since it ain't going to happen the easy
way, folks are looking for tips on getting ready
for regional self-reliance.

But keep on talking about the big picture cause
the visionary approach still has a chance to 
instill a planetary shift in consciousness. 

We're all in this together.

Steve Diver  

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