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Sat Jun 23 22:42:13 EDT 2007

At 5:21 PM -0500 6/23/07, Tommy Tolson wrote:
>Loren Davidson wrote:
>I've been arguing for two decades or more with Deep Ecology's
>misanthropy and I hope you aren't going there.

Nope...I'd say I'm actually somewhat humanity-neutral, when it comes 
right down to it. I'd like to think that we can somehow pull it 
together before it all goes boom...but if it all goes boom, I want to 
be doing the things that I think are important when it hits me. 
Frankly, I'm not encouraged by what I see, regarding Homo Sap's 
chances. But ultimately, I have faith in Mother Earth to take care of 
Herself, with or without our cooperation. It's what She does.

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