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>This is why I bring dominion to this listserv.  Permaculture was
>conceived in systems theory and it's mantra, "The solution is in the
>problem," contains the wisdom of systems theory.  It's not about
>plugging in the next external "solution," the newest new technology. 
>It's about balancing human interactions within the natural order.  That,
>in my opinion, is what Permaculture ought to be doing, instead of
>sinking all of our energies into growing food for ourselves.

I think there is room within Permaculture to do all of the above.

By growing food for ourselves, we are cutting down on the amount of 
fuel needed to transport our food to us. As petroleum use is one of 
the big drivers of ecological issues, that's not an insignificant 

Also, Pc is about many elements serving each function, and many 
functions served by each element. I don't think you'd suggest we 
become a "monoculture" of political action. Besides, once we get 
outside our own communities, our "leverage" to make changes goes down 
in a hurry. Think globally and act locally, y'know.

>  Permaculture has to
>step up and serve nature by saving enough life to prevent a total
>planetary ecological collapse around 2030.

Pc ain't the only folks who need to step to the plate. And even if 
the current ecology collapses, the planet and the biosphere will 
survive in the long term. It survived the extinction of the 
dinosaurs, with or without the addition of asteroid collisions. It 
will survive the human race.

The planet will be here another four billion years, until the Sun 
either goes cold or goes red giant. If you sterilized every microbe 
of life on Earth tomorrow, life would eventually arise here again.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't work at being part of the solution 
rather than part of the problem. Just that, in the Greater Scheme, we 
need to keep in mind that there *is* a Greater Scheme. And in it, we 
humans aren't really that important.

Just another POV,

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