[permaculture] Permaculture in France

Tommy Tolson healinghawk at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 23 02:57:30 EDT 2007

L. Santoyo Designs wrote:
> "Permaculture Design provides the tools for a 
> wholistic approach to finding solutions to every 
> issue that human settlement requires. Our 
> training provides a framework for critical 
> decision-making and problem-solving... 
> EarthFlow's Permaculture programs specialize in 
> applying natural ecosystem design principles to 
> the creation of social ecosystems that enhance 
> Community and create Local Economic Enterprise."
Finding solutions to every issue that human settlement requires.   
That's Permaculture.
My life would not become carbon-neutral for a decade if I went to this 
class, however.
What responsibilities do humans owe nature?  Isn't this a major 
consideration in human settlement via Permaculture design?
How do humans attain this response ability in a world where one class of 
humans assumes ownership of every other class?
To whom does the soul belong?
In human settlement, who speaks for those whose habitat is about to be 
colonized by humans?
What role does Ecology and ecological truth play in human settlement?
How are decisions to be made?
Who has the power to speak?
How will violence be employed, and by whom?
Who will rear the children?
How is carrying capacity to be monitored?
How will death be handled?
Who will be worshiped and what will worship be like?
Endlessly delicious questions.
Good luck with the class.

Tommy Tolson
Austin, TX

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