[permaculture] Crabgrass/bermuda conversation continuation

Michelle Maggiore mmaggior at mindspring.com
Sat Jun 23 00:02:26 EDT 2007

The suggestions are all valuable, so many great resources to call on for different approaches....

 On Gardenweb (the organic forum) there was some debate amongst people on whether or not spraying vinegar solution on it is good. Opinions? (A debate broke out on that list too because of the mention of glycophosphate....

I did spray vinegar on a test area, it was white vinegar, and it has been two days. Not seeing much change  yet, but it should be noted that this test area was a pathway, not a bed.I like the idea of vinegar because it would ba an on-farm solution, once our apple trees really start to produce.

I am leaning toward solarization at this point, or chickens, once we build another chicken tractor for them, because recent manual removal increased its presence three-fold in no time (One month), and I weeded it during a waning moon. 

it has been two or three months since the rye was growing in some of the beds,  and no there's still no bermuda in those spots, a heartening sign.

Thanks all!
Michelle in VA

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