[permaculture] crabgrass eradication

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Fri Jun 22 23:55:21 EDT 2007

paul wrote:

> Has anyone tried concentrated vinegar for crabgrass eradication? I use 30 - 60% vinegar for pH adjustment on my tomato crops, and all my neighbors come by and get some for their weed control. Personally I am too busy to sepnd time on weed eraditication, but since my neighbors come back every year for more, I imagine it works for them on some weeds. Vinegar from the grocery store is about 5% acidity, and that is not what I am referring to. This is strong stuff! My tomatoes are certified organic, so this vinegar we use is acceptable to USDA organic standards. I also give my neighbors a liitle yucca extract to add as a surfactant, but I can't imagine that it is all that necessary.
> Paul
> PS really great to see this list back on topic. Let's all do our best to keep it that way!

I was just going to ask that. It can be had cheap at Walmart and even cheaper at Sams. I was wondering if it would kill 
poison ivy.

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