[permaculture] defining permaculture

Roxann Phillips roxann at ancientearthwisdom.com
Fri Jun 22 23:38:29 EDT 2007

That's about how I feel about cutting trees. The balance of our property
is heavily wooded and home for the wildlife, not us. The part we are
using amounts to about 10 acres for the horses and an acre for gardens
and household. The rest will stay wild. I'm constantly guarding it
against marauding cows from the neighbor.

 Roxann, Kingston AR, zone 6b

    In cutting trees or keeping back encroachments on meadows, we have 
enlarged the cleared area of our farm somewhat during the past 
quarter-century.  We regret each acre that we pilfer form the
process. Nature, here in Maine, moves from the bare earth to splendid
timber. We reget any steps that we take in opposition to that process.
from:  Continuing the Good Life
by: Helen and Scott Nearing

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