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Don Titmus ujgs2 at 4dirs.com
Fri Jun 22 15:34:46 EDT 2007

Larry, Larry, Larry

WE do have an opinion don't we!
Am I to be black listed because I dont agree with you?
Will I follow in the other Radicals footsteps?
Am I to be tarred and feathered? <smile>

Chems Only on Poison Ivy...do you have that? if you do then You can wear 
armpit hi rubber gloves and pull it out. since you like working Soooo hard.

>Get the message, no herbicide use, not good for the Earth.

Neither are computors. sir. Nor Petrol, yet we all drive cars...its all 

Larry, Sir, Please hear me  <im begging you> There are no Right or Wrongs. 
Just opinions, choice and knowledge. we ALL do our best given the 
circumstances we have.

To the List, I'm sorry for the resulting flame out. I'll be quiet for a 
while and be a lurker.

Therefore i will be spending more time in the "Hammock" (Ruth Stout Fan)


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> Don Titmus wrote:
>> and i agree that why i said in my previous post
>>  "I will not recommend this strategy but It needs to be considered."
> Using glyphosate for other than:
> >>The only possible exception justifying use of this material is to
> >>eradicate poison ivy
> >>in residential yards when no other method is practical or possible and
> >>when there is a real safety issue.
> is not to be considered.
>> what works for you in your area may not work here or another place.
> Not using glyphosate works everywhere. Natural and labor intensive methods 
> work everywhere, without exception.
>> I have research glyphospate it is LESS damaging than Chlorine, and yet WE
>> water with city supply tap water !!!
> Just amazing. What will they think of next.
> People should become accustomed to doing manual labor when doing 
> agricultural things, installing permaculture systems,
> growing their own food, not taking the lazyass way out and dumping some 
> synthetic chemical preparation,
> that they do not unstand, on the ground to get rid of things they 
> conveniently call "weeds" for reasons they are not
> completely sure of or are properly self-informed about.
> Get the message, no herbicide use, not good for the Earth.
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