[permaculture] Urine-resistant plants

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Thu Jun 21 01:24:43 EDT 2007

Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:

>>Johnson Grass, Curly Dock, Lambs Quarters (they could whizz upon them then pick a few leaves at the top to eat as a 
>>tonic), Amaranth, Pennsylvania Smartweed, Liriope (large broadleaf).

Add comfrey. Maybe Jerusalem artichokes and horseradish.

> Mike suggested mint. Peppermint can grow 4 feet tall with extensive root systems; it seems to be more vigorous than 
> other mint varieties. Add daylillies; heavy root systems, water tolerant, edible blooms. I think I would try a 
> combination of peppermint, daylillies, lambs quarters, Amaranth, Curly Dock and Liriope. Get one of those stainless 
> steel livestock watering troughs with drains. Not expensive, available from Tractor Supply. Pick the size you need, fill
> it with good, high organic matter content dirt, rock dusts, some rock phosphate and put in your plants and seeds. Place 
> a layer of harvested, dried plant stems in a mat at the bottom of the container with your soil mixture on top. This will 
> provide a little extra soil aeration, good for the plants.

Revised list:

lambs quarters
curly dock
Jerusalem artichoke

Take a whizz, pick and eat a nice rawfoods snack.

Put a heavy layer of hay mulch around plants covering all exposed soil;
this might help keep odors down. After use pick some peppermint, crush
it and spread it on top of the mulch to conteract odor.
Lawrence F. London, Jr.
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