[permaculture] Urine-resistant plants

Nathan Czuba nathanaczuba at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 20 16:12:54 EDT 2007

As for why I ask... this could get a bit complicated, but suffice it to say that I'm spending the summer at the epicenter of the Chicago bar scene (so you can imagine why we need the urine-resistant plants) and the landlord is offering a discounted rent if we can grow some plants that will cover up some of the crumbling mortar from city inspectors (who might be condemning the place soon anyways).

Loren Davidson <listmail at lorendavidson.com> wrote: At 12:16 PM -0700 6/20/07, Nathan Czuba wrote:
>Any suggestions for plants that can tolerate being urinated on often?

I'm having a little bit of trouble visualizing the field tests for 
this with a straight face...

*blink* (*innocent look*) Why do you ask?

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