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Hi Tommy, windows don't face south, the south needed for solar. Roofs
face south. If you are talking about a highrise covered with windows
facing south, ok. A regular one story house, too much shadow from nabors
etc. Battery banks are fine for those in the country, but presently
cities want you to tie into their grid.
Separately, battery groupings must be kept cool and must be well
maintained or they will not last for long. In this climate, the
batteries themselves have to be kept air conditioned!
There is a large learning curve to having battery groupings use and
function safely. 
I hope some people will use this new technology.
Hopefully it may be something someone sprays onto the glass in the
course of manufacturing. Sounds like a scary item if you just used it
like hairspray. I remember having a solar powered calculator that lasted
12 yrs. Oh I get it, you are talking about light technology. It took me
awhile but light was used to power the calculator.

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Energy-EnergyPolicy-Bioregional Design-The Sustainability of

Within the next year or so, a spray-on substance that produces 
electricity will be available that is, I think, 60-70% efficient at 
converting light to electricity.  The south-facing windows of a house 
thus become its power generator.  With a battery bank, the house is 
fully self powered.  This is nanotechnology and the free market meeting 
a need rather then manufacturing a need.  Octillion Corp has patents and

financing and is going into production with their version of this.  
OCTL.PK is the ticker signal.  You can check it out at Yahoo! Finance.

Tommy Tolson
Austin, TX
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