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Yes, that's it, great interview, Scott.   Some of the statements made by 
Mollison were quite astonishing.  I am a fan of the Nearings, but I think 
that permaculture offers ways of doing things that are much less labour 
intensive.  The Nearings also kept part of their property from growing back 
into tree cover by using the scythe.
   The situation for me here in the tropics is different - not too many 
trees, but too few on my land.  I'm hoping I can find a way to restore the 
trees cover, which is being lost to fires every year.
  Thanks again for the Mollison interview.


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Charles, This might be the excerpt you mentioned. It is from my
interview with Mollison in 2001. We cut a lot of trees and probably
have more biomass standing in the forest now than when we started.
We harvest the trees like any other crop and use most of it for
firewood and building material and leave the slash for habitat. We
are also opening up some land to grow grass for a draft horse and
some chickens. You can link to the rest of the interview off our
website below. It was rather epic and life altering for me.

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