[permaculture] Design-Bioregional-Energy/overpopulation

Don Titmus ujgs2 at 4dirs.com
Tue Jun 19 13:22:36 EDT 2007

To be really CLEAR, just in case....I do not, never will agree to any mass 
extermination campaigns. For humans or any other animal!

That said. We are in a time of excessive Human population due to major 
advances in science. We live on an un-sustainable planet. Millions die from 
starvation, is that moral? Is limiting the human population more or less 
moral? As a planet we will have to decide sooner or later. I'd rather see it 
done sooner before more of the planets animals and plants are driven to 

Look again at your Big book, page 2 under Ethics....setting Limits to 
population and Consumption. We are part of the web and it, of us. Therefore 
it is our responsibility to BE Stewards of the Earth, animals, plants, and 
soils, and it is our ethical job to limit ourselves.

who will decide...i dont know...right now WAR continues to "cull" out many 
of the young males..disease and famine, many of the children and women.

so is it to be conscious or UN-conscious?


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> Don says "I few words....let's limit the worlds population, lets stop
> interfering
> with nature. what is it that makes humans of greater value than say an
> ant???"
> This is unlikely to ever be a popular suggestion.
> In fact this sentiment is capitalized upon by the greenwash artists who
> artfully incline the public against ideas like conservation, recycling and
> sustainable uses in general. They tend to paint everyone in the movement 
> as being
> dangerous radicals who don't care about human beings or the future of
> civilization, telling us we're no more important than ants, and should be 
> curbed to save
> the world for the butterflies and the birds.
> Which, of course, is true to some degree. But when you put it out there 
> like
> that, all the folks in mainstream America tend to come out against 
> whatever it
> is we're for. I would underplay that whole approach when speaking to a 
> wider
> audience, and leave unsaid the connection between (a) our overconsumption 
> of
> world resources and (b) the need for fewer people.
> When put that way, it can be bent to seem like we're in favor of mass
> extermination campaigns. And at any rate, people will decide to reproduce 
> themselves
> for strongly felt reasons all their own. I think they might resent having 
> any
> organization inside or out of government telling them how many kids are
> recommended nowadays.
> Michael
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