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Loren Davidson listmail at lorendavidson.com
Tue Jun 19 01:45:05 EDT 2007

At 11:59 PM -0400 6/18/07, Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
>Loren Davidson wrote:
>Right, Loren. Its noone's business who subscribes to a list,
>they shouldn't have to be known to or approved by
>existing list members. They shouldn't be required to tell me or
>anyone else who they are when they want to join this forum.
>They should be allowed to subscribe with no other indentification
>than something like 716hs6&&@nunofyourbidness.world. I get this kind of thing.

If it's an autobot, it's not going to reply to the confirmation message.

>Think I am going to let them into the list knowing they could be 
>Kenny-Boys on steroids.
>Not too likely. We lost subscribers because of Ken and Martin.

With all due respect...we've lost subscribers because of you too, at 
one time or another. :)

I don't recall reading much of Ken's stuff, but I'd stopped reading 
Martin quite a while back, for various of the reasons why he's no 
longer among us, and I can't say I'm unhappy that he's gone, FWIW.

>It's "who are you and why do you want to join this list". And, no, 
>they don't need to reply and I do not need to
>subscribe them either. I do not get Federal, State or County funding 
>so I am not required to let just anyone in.

You're in charge of the list; you do have that right. However, you 
asked for opinions/consensus, and so I offered my contribution. :) 
Accept that I care enough about the list to take the time to do that, 
regardless of whether you choose to agree with me or not, and that I 
can disagree with you without attacking you.

>In future they will need a more-or-less 
>non-crazy-or-threatening-sounding email ID's and a Real Name, no 
>nicks, if they
>want to join this forum. This is the way I choose to do it to keep 
>spam and abusive people out of this forum.
>Do you have a better idea?

Regarding spam, the confirmation process will get most of it.

Regarding abusive people, a lot of the time even if you *know* who's 
coming onto the list, you won't know whether they're going to be 
abusive or not until they've been around a while. And good people can 
have bad days, and bad people can have good days.

>I can also put some or all newly-subscribed people on moderation 
>with all their posts to the list subject to my approval
>until they are obviously not spammers or people seeking to disrupt the forum.

Not necessarily a bad idea; the local Permaculture list that I run is 
set up that way. New members are automatically moderated until 
someone changes their status, which I'll usually do after they've 
posted a couple of things. Auto-confirmation plus moderating new 
subscribers will catch virtually all of the potential spammers.

>Would you or anyone else offer to be list co-moderatots to help out 
>with subscriptions?

Sure. I know how to administer a Mailman list, and if we can get a 
set of consistent principles in place that we'll all agree to live 
by, it wouldn't be too horrible a job to help out. You'd just need to 
add my email and that of anyone else helping out to the admin alias, 

And hopefully one or two other people will be willing to help share the load.

>I would really appreciate having these to add to all the various 
>system messages
>and to the list homepage. Are they online for download? Or can you 
>email or file attach them to me?

I'll send you a set via private email, with a few comments on why I 
think they work.

Thanks for being willing to listen.


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