[permaculture] New subscription procedure:

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Jun 19 00:41:23 EDT 2007

Loren Davidson wrote:

> People with a valid interest in Permaculture *do* occasionally turn 
> up without any prior acquaintance with anyone on the list. And unless 
> we're discussing stuff of a much more personal and intimate nature 
> than 98+ percent of the posts on here would indicate, there's really 
> no justification to turn this into a "buddies only" list.

> And some people get righteously annoyed if, while attempting to 
> subscribe to a list like this, they get asked, "Who are you and who 
> sent you?" And won't answer, and I think rightly so. Because it's 
> none of anyone's business.

It's "who are you and why do you want to join this list". And, no, they don't need to reply and I do not need to 
subscribe them either. I do not get Federal, State or County funding so I am not required to let just anyone in.

> Mailman *will* let you set up subscriptions so that a person has to 
> verify their email address, by responding to an autobot mail, before 
> their sub becomes active. This process will screen out spambots and 
> the like, and requires absolutely no moderator intervention.

Absolutely. I have that in place already.

> If you're concerned about people acting in non-friendly manners 
> toward one another, then Mailman lets you send a Welcome message. 

I can also put some or all newly-subscribed people on moderation with all their posts to the list subject to my approval
until they are obviously not spammers or people seeking to disrupt the forum.

> Work out a basic code of conduct - "rules for the commons," as it 
> were - and let people know that one violation will get them warned 
> and a second might get them removed. I have samples of things like 
> this floating around that work exceedingly well on other 
> international and regional Mailman-hosted lists, available upon 
> request.

I would really appreciate having these to add to all the various system messages
and to the list homepage. Are they online for download? Or can you email or file attach them to me?


> Since you're asking for opinions, that's mine. Switch over to 
> auto-verifying of email addresses, come up with a set of "rules for 
> the commons" that people agree to follow as a condition of being on 
> the list, and just deal with the occasional fugghead as they crop up.

I will do this, should have a long time ago.

> It's the "remove individual unwanted plants (weeds) when they crop 
> up" approach, as opposed to the "pre-emergent herbicide" approach, 
> IMNSHO. And "letting the system do the work for you."
> Just my $0.04, adjusted for the price of oil.

Much appreciated.

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Venaura Farm
lfl at intrex.net

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