[permaculture] Where are they?

Greg Greg at urbanfarm.org
Mon Jun 18 22:50:37 EDT 2007


What is this about?


>The spooks and agents provocateurs. The ones remaining in this list, 
>lurking, that is.
>If there are any more still here and I find them they will be thrown 
>out and locked out of this forum forever.
>List Owner
>Just rereading the posts by that whining fatuous slob Ken, his 
>disgusting double talk and the fact that he got let into
>this forum at all. It won't happen again.
>To those with any notion of disrupting this list in any way, I am 
>watching you bastards with both eyes.
>Still pissed.
>Lawrence F. London, Jr.
>Venaura Farm
>lfl at intrex.net
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