[permaculture] Crabgrass, Bermuda grass, etc.

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Yes, Roxann, that is what I am doing...making rhizome barriers...suggested 
in "Edible forest Gardens".  Jacke suggests the ditch and then putting a 
barrier in it...metal or plastic, etc., on a slant towards the area being 
protected.  I have Bermuda in the yard and in the adjoining corral.  It is 
great in the corral because it keeps the sandy soil from eroding. 
Ironically,  I am trying to spread it in the corral and get rid of it in the 
yard!  Maybe there is something Permaculturally wrong with that...I don't 
know, but I am amused, even as I dig!  But, with my experience in the south, 
I know that planting in all that Berrmuda grass will never work.

Are you getting rain down there?  It's wonderful here...raining even as I 
type.  My weeds are growing like mad.  I have gotten drenched to the skin 
several times this spring...wonderful.

For those of you who do not know our area...it is almost in a perpetual 
drought.  Since I have been here, I have overseeded pastures and planted 
cover crops every spring and fall.  Most has not sprouted, or when the fall 
rains finally come and the seeds sprout, it is too late for the plants to 
grow enough to be freeze hardy.  And, of course, we had that severe freeze 
the week of Easter that we are almost recovered from.  We always enjoy rain 

Lisa, in the Ozarks, USA

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> Lisa, when I lived in Louisiana, all we had was bermuda in the yard. The 
> only method I found for keeping it out of my beds was to dig trenches all 
> the way around each bed. Once it was gotten out by hand from the bed, it 
> was easy to keep it from returning because the plant would creep down into 
> the trenches and I could see it easier before it crossed over into the 
> bed. i usually kept the trenches mulched and that would make pulling it 
> easy. definitely not low maintenence, but it did work. i'd hate to have 
> this problem in a large scale area.
> roxann, nw ar
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