[permaculture] defining permaculture

Charles de Matas cdematas at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 18 12:31:22 EDT 2007

<<<<is permaculture/food forest adverse to cutting trees at all, or is it
permissable to clear some for letting sunlight reach crops, or just what 
does the principles of "food forestry" consider to be permaculture? I live 
in a
very forested area and I have been clearing small plots and building 
gardens. >>>>

I once read the transcipt of an interview with Bill Mollison where he said 
that after he came up with the idea of permaculture he never had to cut down 
a tree.  Amazing - not having to cut down any trees.   I spent a few hours 
with some local permaculturists a few months ago helping one of them make a 
fire-break/terrace on a contour, and we certainly cut down a lot of small 
trees.  I felt a little guilty about this when I got home.


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