[permaculture] permaculture level 8

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Mon Jun 18 11:10:49 EDT 2007

I love reading this mailing list because it is packed with great ideas
that I never heard of before.

I am a little worried that some presentations are going to turn folks
off from permaculture.

I would like to suggest an approach that permits folks to have
different levels of permaculture experience.

Another problem I see is that some folks start off with a slight
interest in permaculture, and then the message they get is that they
have to go all out or it isn't permaculture.  Or that we see something
that has the "permaculture" label, but it kinda isn't really.

So ....   what if we embraced a concept of degrees of permaculture?
What if permaculture level 4 was organic monocrop and permaculture
level 8 was food forest?

People that are first learning of permaculture can do a few things to
move to level 1 for now, and learn about level 4.  People that have
been through a PDC could have their sights set on levels 7 through 10.

I think that doing something like this seems more nurturing and less militant.

Just an idea.

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