[permaculture] 'control', this list, communication, and community

kevin s k.skvorak at verizon.net
Mon Jun 18 09:21:13 EDT 2007

hey folks,

i just want to say that i appreciate this listsevre, and the 
opportunities it offers us all to connect with permaculture ideas and 
individuals around the world

it is a wonderful resource

in the most ideal world, this list could act as a way of connecting 
people in all sorts of practical, (political, cultural, social, 
emotional etc) ways.  another important forum of our community

as a forum, then, it also serves as a 'commons', it is an open 
conversation. a room full of friends (or colleagues, or aquaintances)

i also have a personal resistance to any 'rules' or authority in such 
a 'gathering', and hope for people to just behave with each other 
with compassion, common sense, respect etc

the point of all of this commentary;

as a solution to the problems on the list- perhaps people can try to 
limit themselves to perhaps three or four (much fewer than currently 
anyway) posts per week? please?  and see how that works for awhile?

maybe take a minute and reflect on if you really really must comment 
on whatever was just said?

it seems that it is the same few people (the same few men) making the 
vast majority of posts to this list , sometimes several per day, and 
i feel this behaviour is in effect silencing others. this phenomenon 
is, it seems to me, the largest factor of 'oppression' on this list.

i hope that all of us can refrain from (compulsively?) posting our 
comments to every single idea generated here, so that we can take the 
time to listen to what others may have to say, to give them 'space' 
to 'speak'

so, i humbly propose, and earnestly request, that the small number of 
people (men) dominating this conversation, (this commons, and this 
room of friends)  try, please, to limit your postings, and your 
commentary.   this agreed upon "rule" is something that is common on 
other high traffic lists, and works well when one voice or another 
starts to become the "annoying loud guy" in the room

with respect,

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