[permaculture] BodyPolictic-The Venting Chamber- a safe place to blow off steam.(R rated)

Kenneth Benway ken at arcadiandesign.org
Mon Jun 18 07:03:07 EDT 2007

I totally agree that we have a problem when we vent our anger in a
direction that is inappropriate, especially when that anger is directed
towards a member of our tribe who is doing good work. I know this to be
true because I've been on the receiving end of this kind of attack, as I
suspect most of use have at one time or another. I have even observed
numerous attacks on one another within the context of this list.

 One of our tasks, as individuals, that have learned to cultivate our
powers of observation through the teachings of permaculture, must be to
help each other understand what the sources of our anger are, to
acknowledge them and facilitate a healing process that maximizes their
human potential.
The fearless examination of what causes our anger to manifest can go
along way towards directing these feelings in a manner where we can all
I remember someone asking Bill Mollison what keeps him going. His answer
was Anger.
Although I feel there are more productive pathways than anger, I do
acknowledge that anger can be redirected in a positive and productive

To that end I have started a new topic called "The Venting Chamber". If,
when we become pissed off, for whatever reason, we go there and let it
rip. A no holes barred place to let it go. Maybe even make it clear that
it is "R" rated and enter at your own risk. It could "clean up the air"
a little and prevent the contamination of other topics that may have
higher priorities for us.

When examining the contents of "The Venting Chamber" we may actually
begin to discover patterns of anger that relate to each other, allowing
the collective body politic to develop strategies to redirect these
feelings in a positive way as well as help diffuse and address the
underlying causes.

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Primal Parent wrote:

> i promised to avoid Political arguments from now on, but i just had to
> in here and say that i feel there were some cheap shots taken at
> (especially in attempting to apply the 'Authoritarian' label on him).
> has done some amazing work and inspired tons of individuals and i dont
> that should be dismissed with a wave of the hand and the word
> (as if 99% of us on here aren't).

I completely agree. Its hard to imagine anyone in such a snit that they
would vent
in his direction. I hear that pilgrims pay homage to Sir Grahame many
times annualy
just to partake of his fine company.

> to paraphrase wendell berry, "well, if white men have the most
influence on 
> the world, then i guess it's good that i am a white man...'cause now i
> influence people to start living in balance. and besides, if it's not
a good 
> thing...well it's not like i had any choice in the matter"

That is a great statement.

> you should check out what spiralseed is doing.


"Spiralseed is a small independent publishing venture founded by Graham
Burnett in 2001, for the purpose of sharing 
information as well as producing and distributing literature, artwork
and other media. Our titles include books, 
pamphlets and DVDs about permaculture, veganism, human ecology,
composting toilets and organic gardening."


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Venaura Farm
lfl at intrex.net

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