[permaculture] Design-Bioregional-Energy Policy-Measuring our consuption and moving forward with a policy that can work.

Kenneth Benway ken at arcadiandesign.org
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While I agree that these numbers need to be calculated, we must look at
all forms of energy consumed in any specific bioregion, and they are
numerous, most of it wasted. Some of the energy wasted is apparent when
we look at all the Government organizations, as well as NGO's that are
all going off in different directions or duplicating our efforts in
numerous ways.

 A bioregional level, permaculture design taskforce is the most
effective way I can think of to bring all these fragmented, invisible
structure components, into focus, producing a cohesive intentionality to
get the job done. Politics anyone? Oh, sorry I forgot, that's not

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I'd still like to echo the original comment, which was that someone
should do 
the math to see how viable next-generation solar would be for providing
to the state of Florida.

Here are the 2004 figures for energy consumption in that state. 


I see they used 755.2 trillion btus of natural gas-- nearly all, I would

suspect, in electrical generation-- plus 325.5 trillion btus from
nuclear power, 
699.1 trillion btus from coal, 176.1 trillion btus from biomass and a 
negligible amount (2.7 trillion btus) from hydroelectric power. Or, very
1,200,000,000,000 btus total for the year.

That's a lot of juice. Just so we can wrap our heads around the concept,

could someone with a grasp of the new solar technology size a system for
us that 
could, say, provide just a trillion btus per year? I'd like to see what
talking about.

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